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The OSA now has a series of Referee’s courses which are delivered by experienced and qualified martial arts & Oqual assessors.

The syllabus covers topics such as the roles of the referee, timekeeper & scorer, what is a martial art, tournament rules (including rules of the day), first aid, practice to theory, reflective practice.

Pre-Coursework: Candidates are expected to submit their completed work on Day 1 including:

1.    Martial art syllabus of choice

2.    Rules of the chosen martial art

3.    Social awareness survey

4.      Officials Medical Screen - Self-Assessment

Day 1: We cover the complete Ofqual & HSE Level 2 First Aid at Work course (6 hours)

Module 1                    Introduction

Module 2                    What is First Aid?

Module 3                    Legislation

Module 4                    Responsibilities

Module 5                    Action in an emergency

Module 6                    Primary survey

Module 7                    Secondary assessment

Module 8                    The respiratory system 

Module 9                    Resuscitation

Module 10                  Disorders of respiration

Module 11                  Disorders of the circulation

Module 12                  Wounds and bleeding

Module 13                  Epilepsy

Module 14                  Minor burns and scalds

Module 15                  Foreign objects

Course closure 

Day 2: We cover the martial arts tournament syllabus (6 hours)

1.      Discuss styles and disciplines of individual candidates

2.      Preparation for demonstrations:

3.      Basic Walking Techniques

4.      Combination of Walking Techniques

5.      Set Movement

6.      Sparring

7.      Demonstrations

8.      Officials Medical Screen – Declaration

Course closure

For candidates with the appropriate first aid certificate will not be expected to attend DAY 1, reducing their course fee

If you are interested please put your name and location below

We will give away one free adult place with each paying child. All children will receive a certificate.

If you are interested please put your name and location below.

What do I gain with this qualification?
All of our courses ensure that you meet recommendations underlined by the OSA, HSE and Ofqual and also provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to use what you have learned in an event of your choice

1.      Depending on your grade and experience successful candidates will achieve an OSA Certificate of Achievement covering Timekeeper, Scorer & Referee Certificate valid for 3 years

2.      You will also be issued with a Level 2 (Level 5 Scotland) in First Aid at Work Certificate, valid for 3 years

3.      After successful completion of the your Officials Medical screening, you will be issued with your Officials Medical Certificate, valid for 3 years

4.      Inclusion onto the OSA Officials database allowing availability for officiating events


How is the course delivered?
Our training is available both in-house and as open courses. Our open courses are great for individual delegates, but if you have a group of people that need training, our in-house courses will be a much more cost-effective option for you… and you won’t even need to travel!


How do I know which course is best suited for me?
If you’re having trouble choosing a course, please call us on 07754 764321 and we will be happy to help!


When can I do the training?
You can complete your training at a time and place to suit you! We can deliver training both in-house, so where and when are really up to you!

Please contact us here to receive more information

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