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The OSA now has a series of medical services which are delivered by experienced and qualified Doctors and their medical team.

Our medical services range from pre-event medicals for officials and competitors to supplying medical cover to events including martial arts and boxing.

Pre – event medicals

1.    Self – assessment medical screens - Candidates are expected to submit their completed self – assessment screens prior to their chosen event

2.    Declaration medical screens - Candidates are expected to attend a physical medical  to complete their declaration – medical screens prior to their chosen event

3.    All medical information will part of the ‘Competitors Record’ meeting Health & Safety Regulations requirements

Event medical cover

We can offer on-site medical cover from first aid support to full medical support

Post event medical cover

1.      We can offer a full range of on-site post event medical support

2.      Maintaining accurate medical records we offer high professional standards ensuring all Health & Safety Regulations are in place 


If you are interested please put your name and location below

We will give away one free adult place with each paying child. All children will receive a certificate.

If you are interested please put your name and location below.

What do I gain with this service?
We ensure that we meet all the appropriate recommendations underlined by the OSA, HSE and Ofqual


Who delivers the medical service?

Our medical team members are qualified and experienced health care professionals ranging from RGN’s, para-medics and medical doctors offering a wide skill mix


How do I know what medical service is best suited for me?
If you’re having trouble choosing, please call us on 07754 764321 and we will be happy to help!


When can I organise any of our services, such as a medical screening?
You can complete your training at a time and place to suit you! We can deliver training both in-house, so where and when are really up to you!

As our team are in high demand, it is recommended that you give at least one months notice, prior to your event

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